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Watch Kolby King share the Gospel during a Sunday morning worship service in Colorado Springs:


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Many of these videos were shot at children’s or family events. We also share with student ministries and with all ages.

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Watch Children’s Camp Services

Children’s Camp Service – Day 1

Enjoy the fun from an evening service at children’s camp. This fun and funny video features ventriloquism, illusions, and explains how God loves you and made a way to save you…


Children’s Camp Service – Day 2

This fun and funny video from a children’s camp worship service features ventriloquism, illusions and humorous illustrations showing that there is ONE WAY to Heaven, only through Jesus Christ…


Children’s Camp Service – Day 3

Hear the amazing story of how Jesus died on the Cross and rose again. Enjoy this fun video from a children’s camp worship service featuring ventriloquism with “Dr. Love”, illusions, and the greatest story of all…

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