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Kolby & Mary Beth have shared with thousands of churches over the years. Below are just a few comments. More references can be provided by request.

Listen to what pastors and church leaders are saying…

“Kolby and Mary Beth King are some of the most wonderfully spiritually gifted people I have met over the years. God has blessed them with the gifts to reach and help other in furthering the gospel…Throughout the revival there were over forty decisions to come to know Christ for the first time, several re-commitments, and many more seeds that were planted….After the family revival many members in the church have shared that it was one of the best revival they have ever seen and have been a part of…If you have a desire to reach your community for Christ, especially young families with kids, then invite them to come. I am confident you will see God at work doing things that only He can do. I know for myself we will have them back many more times; doing revivals, helping our children’s church, helping in leading our youth on mission trips, and doing big events. If you would like to talk with me personal about them please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.”

Casey Whiteis, First Baptist Church, Okemah, OK

“I have known very few people who are as diversely talented as Kolby and Mary Beth King. Their use of a combination of ventriloquism, illusion, music, and teaching illustrations is fast paced, energetic, fun, and hits the mark each and every time. I have watched as they captivated an audience filled with people of all ages. They seem to have an uncanny ability to connect with adults, teens and children all at the same time. Kolby is a gifted preacher and will unhesitatingly preach the truth of the gospel in a way that draws people to salvation. I will definitely invite them to minister in our church in the future.”

Dan Lewis, Director of Missions, Craig-Mayes Baptist Association

“It was truly an amazing time – we were at church the past Sunday and a girl was giving her recorded testimony before her baptism.  She mentioned Kolby by name and that she was made aware of “just one bad thing would keep her out of heaven” and she said so I gave my heart to Jesus.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was truly a blessing and I look forward to having you out again in the future.”

Chuck Hill, Camp Chaparral, Texas

“I throughly enjoyed Kolby King.  His genuine and sincere heart for Jesus was evident.  The presentation he brought was simple, straightforward and captivating.”

Kyle Beverlin, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Webb City, MO

“Our church just had a Sunday with Bro. Kolby King, evangelist, ventriloquist, illusionist, etc. He and his family were such a blessing to our church. Bro. Kolby and Mary Beth are good with children, youth, and adults as well. During our morning worship service, they did ventriloquism and skits. This included even their 4 boys who were wonderful in helping out with skits and testimonies. The audience was glued to the illustrations of the Biblical message that Bro. Kolby preached…We saw 5 people pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior on that day!!! What a glorious time that we had. I highly recommend Bro. Kolby King and his family to any church!!!”

Mike Craig, pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Shawnee, OK

“Kolby King and three-thirty ministries did an excellent job in our church and in our community. They not only were exceptional in their dramas, puppets, illusions, and balloons, but it was quite refreshing to see students of all ages equipped to share the Gospel. They were intentional about making all who attended our service feel very welcome, and they proclaimed the gospel in our community with boldness. Kolby, Mary Beth, and all of their team are truly making an impact in this world with the Gospel.”

Pastor Brayden Buss, Immanuel Baptist, Henryetta, OK

As the State Director of Evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, I highly recommend and endorse Kolby King as a full time evangelist. I recommend Kolby to churches, camps, and Associations, continually.

I have known Kolby King since approximately 1998, when I was pastoring at First Baptist Church Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Kolby was in fulltime evangelism and my wife and I had the privilege of being encouraged through his ministry. Kolby and I later served on staff together for approximately 5 years. His passion for sharing Jesus has not dwindled. I have seen it grow over the years. His calling and spiritual giftedness continues to reflect his personal time with God. Kolby is serving in Full time evangelism and I am seeing and hearing reports of God using him all over Oklahoma and in multiple States across North America.

If you have any questions, please reach me at

Dr Mike Napier, State Director of Evangelism, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

“We had Kolby come and train us in personal evangelism.  He brought his A game. He clearly has a passion for the lost. He taught from personal experience. Through Kolby’s time with us we were more equipped to share our faith and we became more passionate about sharing the Gospel. For example one of our youth used her training and shared her faith with her coworker the following week.”

Marcus Dorsey, pastor, First Baptist, Catoosa, OK

“God used Kolby King here in Central! Kolby clearly shared the Gospel in several ways so that adults to kids could understand their need for Jesus. From the start to the finish, Kolby prayed with us for God to move and God certainly did!”

Darrell Blaine, pastor, Central Baptist Church, Central High, OK

“Our church was in need of a good shot of evangelism and I remembered hearing and interacting with Kolby at camp some years before.  So I gave him a call and we meet and mapped out a year long plan for Kolby to speak, train, and lead mission trips.  It not only was a good year for our church but was a great encouragement for me as a pastor.  Because of our experience that year with Kolby we support his ministry on a monthly basis.  I personally endorse Kolby as a godly man and a top of the line evangelist for the Kingdom. ”

Pastor Larry McDonald, Clearview Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

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