Mission Trips

Mission Trip Training – We are available to train your group…

  • For adult, youth, preteen and family mission trips
  • For both for foreign and domestic missions. (We’ve led mission teams to Mexico, Venezuela, and Cambodia.)
  • We can plan a mission trip for your group and train you for it or we can provide training for a trip that you have planned.
  • We can train your team on-site or remotely through Skype.

Preteen & Student Mission Trips – Kolby and Mary Beth have a passion for training students and have been leading student mission trips for more than 20 years. It’s an amazing thing to watch students teaching and leading people to Christ. Basic training includes how to share your salvation testimony, how to lead someone to Christ, how to share the Gospel through a variety of creative tools such as drama, puppets, balloon animals, and more. The rest of the training is specialized for the trip.

Family Mission Trips – We will train 2 to 4 families and take them on a mission trip that is a couple of hours away from home. Usually we’ll lead a Friday evening family outreach, Saturday morning door-to-door evangelism, a Saturday evening youth outreach and the Sunday morning worship service. Families learn to share their testimonies, how to lead someone to Christ, how to go door-to-door, puppets, songs, balloon animals, drama and more.

We have two international mission trip opportunities coming in the next few years:

  • Mission trip to an Orphanage in Mexico
  • Mission trip to Kenya Africa

Contact us for more information about current mission opportunities…


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