Christmas Outreach

Bring this fun and impacting Christmas outreach to your church.

With ventriloquism, humor, illusions, drama and more…

Day #1 – Community Christmas Event The King family will present a special program that will share how Jesus came to be the Savior of the World.

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • For all ages.
  • No supplies needed.

Day #2 – Christmas Parent’s Night Out – Encourage parents to go Christmas shopping or to have a date night while their elementary kids enjoy a special Christmas event. The evening will begin with an opening rally, followed by a three-way rotation where kids will be engage with Christmas crafts and activities. Then everyone will come together at the end for a 45-minute closing where they will learn that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. Your kids will enjoy ventriloquism, illusions, Christmas activities and a bunch more…

  • Length: 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
  • For elementary students although you are welcome to provide preschool childcare as well.
  • For this event we will provide you with a list of the supplies needed and ways that volunteers can help.

School Assemblies – We will work with you to coordinate with the public schools in your area. We provide free school assemblies which are ideal to host the day of your Community Christmas Event. The school assemblies are not Christmas specials but our regular Self-worth/Anti-bullying assembly for elementary and “Life Choices” for older students. Learn more about our school assemblies HERE.

What Days are Best?
We suggest hosting these events in December on a:

  • Friday-Saturday
  • Sunday-Monday
  • Wednesday-Thursday

Sunday Morning – If you schedule a Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday outreach and we are often available to lead the message time of your Sunday morning worship service. Featuring ventriloquism and a challenging message that will stir your church family as they approach the Christmas season.

What’s the Cost?
We have never had a set fee for sharing at churches. We simply ask that you keep in mind that this is how we support not only our ministry but our family as well.

On Sunday mornings, most churches simply take up a love-offering at the end of the service. For other activities, most set aside an honorarium and although we don’t have a set price, we can tell you an average of what other churches are doing. Our goal is for money to never be a hinderance to ministry. Ultimately, the Lord is the one who provides for us.

Since we are traveling by RV, it will save you the cost of housing/hotel, flight, and even some food costs. We ask your church to consider providing some meals for the King family (Kolby, Mary Beth, their four sons and little girl). We are also asking each church to help offset the RV costs by giving a travel expense/mileage fee that varies depending on how long we stay at your church.

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