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Kolby and Mary Beth King use creative tools such as ventriloquism, illusions, drama, humorous illustrations, fire-eating, stunts with a 6-foot balloon along with Biblical preaching to challenge believers and to reach people who might not normally come to a church service. They are  the founders of 330ministries ( which is currently providing resources to believers around he world. They have also written numerous books.

Why the Tour?
Kolby & Mary Beth have felt the Lord leading them to sell their house, pack up, buy an RV and spend about 15 months travelling across the U.S. and southern Canada, helping churches in a way that is more affordable for small congregations and that will allow the King family to stay in an area for an extended period of time if needed.

Where are You Going?

  • Trip #1 – Missouri, Kansas, NE Colorado, NW Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Southern Canada
  • Trip #2 – Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico.
  • Trip #3 – Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida
  • Trip #4 – Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania
  • Trip #5 – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico
  • If we are not currently planning on coming to your state, please feel free to contact us and let us know if you would like for us to come. Our plans are flexible and we are simply following God’s lead in setting up our path. 

When Does it Begin? 
The King family is waiting for the Lord to sell their house and as soon as it sells, they’ll buy an RV and begin contacting the churches who have shown interest to set-up the Tour schedule.

What Do You Do? 
We always customize what we do to specifically meet your needs but here are some ideas:

  • Multiple Night Events & Revivals – These engaging services can be hosted at a church or in the community or hosted at multiple churches in the same area on different evenings.
  • One-Day Outreaches – Primarily on Sundays and Wednesday but we are also often able to share in the public schools and to provide an evening family event on the same day.
  • Worship Services – We use a variety of tools to challenge your church family to know and follow Christ. We can also provide special afternoon or pre-evening service sessions as well as a special evening outreach service for all ages.
  • Age-Group Activities – Kolby & Mary Beth often share with youth and children’s groups and are available for Associational rallies, Upwards events, retreats and more.
  • Training Conferences – Available for children’s ministry, youth ministry, evangelism, missions and parenting.
  • Technology Resources – 330ministries provides a variety of technology needs for churches and has grown to be one of the leading app developers among Southern Baptists having created apps for five state convention, the IMB, NAMB, and a host of Southern Baptist churches, associations and events. We are also involved in using technology to provide evangelism and discipleship resources to believers in persecuted countries and around the world. If you have technology needs, we would be glad to discuss them with you or you can visit us online at
  • More Resources – While we are in your area, we will also be available to consult with churches concerning evangelism strategies, websites and a variety of other resources. You can learn more about our resources at
  • Sunday Afternoon Special Training – While we are at your church, we are glad to help in a variety of other ways on Sunday afternoons. Click HERE to see some of the Special Sessions we offer.

Learn more, see references and watch videos by browsing this website.

What’s the Cost?
We have never had a set fee for sharing at churches. We simply ask that you keep in mind that this is how we support not only our ministry but our family as well.

On Sunday mornings, most churches simply take up a love-offering at the end of the service. For other activities, most set aside an honorarium and although we don’t have a set price, we can tell you an average of what other churches are doing. Our goal is for money to never be a hinderance to ministry. Ultimately, the Lord is the one who provides for us.

Since we are traveling by RV, it will save you the cost of housing/hotel, flight, and even some food costs. We ask your church to consider providing some meals for the King family (Kolby, Mary Beth, their four sons and baby girl). We are also asking each church to help offset the RV costs by giving a travel expense/mileage fee that varies depending on how long we stay at your church.

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Using creative tools to challenge believers and reach people who normally won’t come to church.